Html Basic Text & Font Tags

New Paragraph: <p> Starts a new paragraph and creates a blank line between your new paragraph and the one above it. 

The closing tag is </p>, but is not mandatory.

Line Break: <br>  This will break your text to the next line.  Two <br> tags is equivalent to one <p> tag.  There’s no closing tag needed for this one.

Bold: <b>  Closing tag is </b>

Underline: <u>   Closing tag is </u>

Italics: <i>   Closing tag is </i>

Centering text: <center>  Closing tag is </center>

Left aligning text: <p align=”left”> Just use </p> for the closing tag

Right aligning text: <p align=”right”> Just use </p> for the closing tag

Change text color: <font color=”red”> The ending for any font tag is </font>

Changing font face: <font face=”Arial”>

Change font size: <font size=”3″> (choose between 1 and 7)

Blinking Text: <blink>  </blink> (only works in Netscape)

Scrolling Text: <marquee> </marquee>

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