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How To Access PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login

Step-1: First of all download the PhpMyAdmin latest stable version form here Step-2: Next upload the the tar file (ex: phpMyAdmin-4.x.x-english.tar.gz) into public_html folder (root folder) of the shared hosting account and extract it. Rename the folder so that you can access it by friendly url like Step-3: All done, Now you can test your […]

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How to Restrict File Upload Size in PHP, Max Script Execution Time Using .Htaccess

Restrict File Upload Size in PHP .htaccess allows you to set file upload values that directly affect your PHP applications. For instance, if you want to impose upload limits in PHP, so that you can prevent your hosting form garbage files. just add below line in your .htaccess file. php_value upload_max_filesize 20M Set Maximum Size […]

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