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Bootstrap Tutorials in hindi part-3 | Bootstrap Tables, bootstrap table style, bootstrap table hover
bootstrap table condensed
bootstrap table border
bootstrap table responsive
bootstrap table example
bootstrap table striped example
bootstrap table with border
bootstrap condensed table
bootstrap responsive table example
bootstrap table contextual classes example

In this video we will discuss styling tables using bootstrap classes.
table class provides light padding and horizontal lines
table-striped class provides zebra-striping for the table rows
table-bordered class provide borders on all sides of the table and cells.
table-hover class provides highlighting of rows on hover
table-condensed class makes table more compact by cutting cell padding in half

To make a table responsive, place the table inside a div element, and apply table-responsive class on the div element. This will provide a horizontal scrollbar when the screen size is less than 768px (i.e on a small device). On a screen size larger than 768px you will not find any difference. Applying the table-responsive class directly on the table will not do anything useful.Use the bootstrap contextual classes to colour the table rows


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